Little Simz’ Drop 6 EP is the freshest new release you’ll hear this week


For a cool minute now, Little Simz has been an artist very much on the blow up.

The London artist firmly established herself as one of the globe’s top MCs with GREY Area, her razor-sharp 2019 LP. If you haven’t heard that project yet, do yourself a favour and take some time out of your day to listen to it.

Last year also saw Simz gain quite a lot of new followers through her supporting role in the latest season of Top Boy, in which she played Shelley.

So her brand new Drop 6 EP is essentially the first we’ve heard from the artist since all of this happened.

Much of Drop 6 is more stripped back (in terms of arrangements) than the highlight moments on GREY Area, typified by ‘Might Bang, Might Not’ – its opening track.

That searing opener is all bars atop a heavy percussion loop. No big chorus, no hooks and certainly no gimmicks – just line after line.

‘One Life, Might Live’ and ‘You Should Call Mum’ stand out as two highlight moments on the new EP. The latter in particular showcases dynamism in spades.