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Longitude Festival: 15 bands you should see this weekend

Longitude Festival: 15 bands you should see this weekend

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1. London Grammar

(Heineken Live Project Stage, 4.15pm)
Stylish and dashing minimal seductive pop is London Grammar’s M.O. and it helps that singer Hannah Reid has a passionate range, last heard to stunning effect on Disclosure’s ‘Help Me Lose My Mind.’ This is yet another Irish debut show at Longitude for a UK band. I’ll be DJing at the same time as this set from 4pm til 5:30pm over at Red Bull Music Academy stage if you want something a bit more upbeat.


(Heineken Live Project Stage, 5.30pm)
As Similarly sophisticated as London Grammar’s music, this Vienna-born London producer’s gentle and hazy electronic vocal compositions will be suitable for tired Sunday minds. It’s pronounced “Sonn” by the way.

3. Hot Chip

(Main stage, 6pm)
In Joe Goddard, Hot Chip have a guy who alone understands how to get a dancefloor going more than anyone else. When their powers combine, you’ve got a group who all have the chops required to make great tunes. Last year’s In Our Heads album was a return to form and their live show is on point too at the moment. Recent setlists read like a greatest hits: ‘Boy From School’, ‘One Life Stand’, ‘Over and Over’ ‘I Feel Better’, ‘Hold On’. They’ve even been seguing ‘Ready For The Floor’ into Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’. What more do you want? Only a fool…

4. Flume

(Heineken Live Project Stage, 6.45pm)
Leader of the new generation of electronic music at the moment, 20 year-old Harley Streten is a household name in his native Australia and the rest of the world is getting on board. Expect headnodding rap-influenced beats with soulful melodies, chopped and screwed vocals and warm bass. And people going apeshit to this?

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5. Kraftwerk

(Main Stage, 9.15pm)
The only reason you are reading this right now is because Kraftwerk were the main catalyst in me starting a blog. Nevermind that they are the pioneers of modern electronic music, seeing Kraftwerk live at Electric Picnic in 2005 blew my mind and was responsible for one of my first music posts a couple of months later.

Their music, their look and their live show are all iconic. Anyone worried whether their 3D show will work outdoors, I’ve heard positive reports from Roskilde for starters. It matters little. There won’t be much movement on stage but the primary-coloured visuals, a catalogue of heritage electronica should do the trick. Bow down to the masters.

Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Spotify playlist & timetable

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