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Magic Wands


All the way from Fantasy Island and with a strong penchant for unicorns comes Chris and Dexy aka Magic Wands. They used to play punk separately 2000 miles apart but the duo hooked up in Los Angeles and moved to Chris’ hometown of Nashville and now play dreamy pop music. And it’s niiice.

‘Black Magic’ is a simple psychedelic tune with an undeniable guitar hook and it can only help that they sing in a MGMT-style falsetto while ‘Teenage Love’, (the song which started their friendship after Chris heard it on Dexy’s Myspace) a slow paean to young love which totally reminds me of something else. Anyone? Anyway, 7″ singles of ‘Teenage Love’ and ‘Black Magic’ are available now.

Magic Wands – Black Magic

Magic Wands – Teenage Love

Youtube channel | More info @ Ark Recordings

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