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Marie Davidson’s ‘Work It’ is the instructional life coach banger you need to be a winner

Marie Davidson’s ‘Work It’ is the instructional life coach banger you need to be a winner

Marie Davidson‘s solo material has been characterised by mechanically tough beats combined with spoken word vocals that edge between sardonic, theatrical and outlandish fun.

On the Montreal producer’s 2016 debut Adieux au Dancefloor that meant songs like ‘Naive To The Bone’ and ‘Good Vibes’ that featured sardonic lines like “Did you really think you could get away with this? I can hear you from the other continent.”

Marie Davidson - 'Work It'

Davidson’s new song ‘Work It’ is not fucking around. It’s the perfect blend of this mix that with the added element of Davidson playing the firm but encouraging life coach, a Working Class Woman (her new album title on Ninja Tune on October 5th) who shares her life goals and work ethic style.

“Do you want to know how I get away with everything? I work all the fucking time / from Monday to Friday, Friday to Sunday, I love it / I work,” she begins, like dance music’s own version of a TED talk over an industrial electro beat.

Her gaze turns to the audience. “Work / work it / work to be a winner / Sweat / Sweat / to be a winner / I want to smell you / I want to smell you even from far away,” she flexes like a dominant aerobics instructor who takes the time to ask “is sweat dripping down your balls? Then you’re not a winner yet.”

It’s a deliciously enjoyable track, an instructional life coach banger you need in your life if you want to be a winner.

Marie Davidson - 'Work It'

Davidson released ‘So Right’ last week.

Marie Davidson Working Class Woman tracklist

1. Your Biggest Fan
2. Work It
3. The Psychologist
4. Lara
5. Day Dreaming
6. The Tunnel
7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
8. So Right
9. Burn Me
10. La chambre intérieure