, Former Hot Sprockets member Midnight Wayne goes all gooey Psych Folk on the dreamy ‘Someone Like You’

Midnight Wayne is new the solo project of Wayne Soper, former frontman for Dublin rock group The Hot Sprockets.

‘Someone Like You’ is the first proper singer from the artist under his new moniker (discounting an old bedroom demo).

Wayne aims, with this new project, to release music with no PR pressure or sonic expectation, bar high-quality songwriting of course.

‘Someone Like You’ is a fantastic way to start then. This dreamy psych-folk track does everything to impress the listener, blending aspects of pop, psychedelic and folk under one superb hook. We love the backing harmonies, especially when they’re pitted against the organ sound in the chorus.

It’s a focused and direct method of writing tunes, centred around ideas and licks that rattle around the brain long after the song is finished. A big yes from us.