Mik Pyro returns with ‘Nothing More To Do With The Man’ featuring MayKay

The Republic Of Loose singer Mik Pyro has returned with news of a solo album Exit Pyro, and a lead single featuring the vocals of MayKay (Fight Like Apes / Le Galaxie).

Mik has been working on a solo album but the pandemic forced him to switch course from the funk pop music of what you might have expected from the Republic Of Loose frontman, and instead the rootsy bluesy soul side of his oevure has revealed itself more readily, with nods to Tom Waits and Dr.John.”

“It’s a big departure from the Loose. It’s kinda rain soaked Country n Irish music believe it or not. I wanted to make an album like this before I get back to the funk, because I’ve been writing this kind of music my whole life but never released any of it”.

Hear ‘Nothing More To Do With The Man’:

More on the album release to follow.

Mik Pyro: Twitter / Facebook

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