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Mister Goodnite – Songs About Love And Lack Thereof

Mister Goodnite – Songs About Love And Lack Thereof

The plan for a Halloween mix was culled by the ghouls of responsibility and the banshees of time so I offer up to the spirits, something unshackled and freaky rather than a scary rush of blood. Disquieting eeriness is more effective in the scary stakes than a boo from behind the curtain and Mister Goodnite have that weird gene running through this odd collection of psychedelic ’70s tunes. Songs About Love And Lack Thereof is like finding some forgotten freaky Beatles mixtape or Ariel Pink descending into a winsome psychedelic haze. Happy Halloween.

Download it at their site.

Thanks to Yours Truly for posting this originally.

Side A:
01. You’re Too Cool
02. In Lieu
03. Duty Free
04. Don’t Trust Me
06. All My Best

Side B:
01. Dominator
02. All About My Lovers
03. I Love You When You Owe Me Money
04. So Long
05. Let’s Kill Ourselves
06. Rebound
07. What I Left (Hidden Track)