Mix & Fairbanks are two young Kildare producers and DJs Rob Smyth and Gary O’Reilly who in a short time have been nailing electronic disco productions in a live setting, via DJ edits, remixes and mixes.

Well, wait til you hear their first original track…

Along with other Newbridge, Kildare crew, they feature on the 045 Recordings EP to be released on Friday and launched at Lumo with sets from M&F, Phare, Conor C and Cinema, while Adultrock’s Gavin Elsted will be downstairs with the other two Lumo DJs, myself and Simon Roche.

‘Girls’ the Mix & Fairbanks song from the EP is an absolute dancefloor stomper, a synth-rush tune that melds the bouncing pinging synth of ‘Inspector Norse’ with a Daft Punk style vocoder robot vocal. I can’t stop playing it and I’m going to be playing it all summer long. Come hear it live at Lumo this Saturday and check back Friday for the full EP stream.

Pre-order the EP on Bandcamp.
Hear Phare’s track from the 045 compilation.

EP Tracklist
1. Searching – Cinema
2. Little & Often – Conor C
3. Nighttime – Phare
4. The Levy – Adultrock
5. Girls – Mix & Fairbanks

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