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New Kildare label 045 Recordings introduces itself with artist compilation

My hometown of Newbridge has been accused of fishy activity, of an additive in the water, that has accelerated music growth from the town. In recent years, the likes of Super Extra Bonus Party, Mmoths, DJ Deece Adultrock, Mix & Fairbanks, Conor C, Phare, Lyttet, Cinema and more have made a name for themselves in the Irish dance and electronic landscape.

Maybe, it’s because there’s not a lot else to do in the town so people turn to DJing and production with such force.

Whatever the reason, it’s been turned into a positive thing with 045 Recordings representing artists operating or coming from the town and its surrounding areas (045 is the phone area code).

By way of introduction, 045 Recordings have put a compilation of the active artists mentioned together and will be releasing that digital EP 045 One on 21st April.

Among them are the slow disco of Cinema, the bright house of Conor C, the disco edit magic of Mix & Fairbanks, the hypnotic electronics of Adultrock and this one, a deep vista roller from Phare – ‘Nighttime’.

Look out for more 045 Recordings soon and a takeover at the second room at Lumo Club on April 22nd in Tengu and a stage at Bare in the Woods this year.

EP Tracklist

1. Searching – Cinema
2. Little & Often – Conor C
3. Nighttime – Phare
4. The Levy – Adultrock
5. Girls – Mix & Fairbanks


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