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MKAI – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

MKAI – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

MKAI are four MacSweeny brothers from Cork who released their debut EP Waiting produced and mixed by Rob Kirwan in late 2014, marked by the emotive indie atmospherics of the title track and a mix of electronics and melancholic ballads.

This week the band head off to Toronto for Canadian Music Week and Irish dates this month are scheduled for Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin.

MKAI’s new track, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, is their best yet, a song with sonic bite and fresh focus.

It was recorded with Tony Fitz at Pickering House in Kildare last month.

Watch the video for the track by Madra Mór with Conor MacSweeny, the drummer in the lead role.

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