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Modeselektor @ Tivoli Theatre

Modeselektor @ Tivoli Theatre



Wow. There was no better way to kick off my invigorating temporary unemployment and the four night run of gigs this week (Modeselektor, MJEX/SEBP, 65 Days of Static and Animal Collective) than the absolute banger of a show last night from the German duo. Myself and Mike danced our Buckfast off with the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve seen in Dublin for quite some time. It helps that the Tivoli is a great venue for a wee dance and that Modeselektor were dropping great tune after great tune, hosing the crowd in champagne, buckets of ice and water. They even passed out their clutch of free beer to the front row, nice chaps they are.

The highlights for myself were “2000007”, “Weed wid da Macka”, the eruption when “Kill Bill no.4” was played, “Hyper Hyper” and the utter pisstaking ending where they played “Can’t Stop Raving” by Dune! It was mental to see so many people dancing to Happy Hardcore in 2007. The videos below are pretty shaky due to the excitement of the crowd but that was part and parcel of an excellent set, so much so that it wasn’t far off their performance at Electric Picnic last year.