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Monarchy remix Marina

Monarchy remix Marina


One of the bands recently featured on my top 20 bands to watch for 2010 feature, Monarchy remix fellow Neon Gold artist (now alumnus) Marina and the Diamonds. I’ve had one listen to The Family Jewels so far and as expected, it’s a great pop album. I’m not sure how it will go over in mainstream pop circles but time will tell on that one. Need more listens plz. You can listen to 30 second previews in the iTunes UK store.

With regards to the remixers on this occasion, Monarchy have since been revealed as the band formerly know as Miike. That’s the past. This is their future. “What does that mean?” I don’t know for it is Friday and my eyes are hanging out of my sockets. Here is a remix to distract you from this badly-written post.

MP3: Marina and the Diamonds- Hollywood (Monarchy Gliese Remix)