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MP3: Liam Finn – Plane Crash

MP3: Liam Finn – Plane Crash

liamfinn_ej_barnes Liam Finn is a name which really only brings to mind one thing. A bearded, piercing-eyed man bashing vigorously on a drumkit in a church in Dingle as if his life depended on it. It was his appearance on Other Voices that made me pay attention. He came across as a bit more feral than your average artist on that show.

His debut album I’ll Be Lightning was an occasionally-interesting mix of folk, falsettos, electronics and guitar. Plenty of promising ideas. Enough to render the famous-dad syndrome obsolete anyway – his da is Neil Finn of Crowed House. Well the son is back with a six track EP recorded with his musical partner Eliza Jane Barnes called Champagne in Seashells and this is the first track from it. He’s got my attention once again..

MP3: Liam Finn – Plane Crash

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