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Nanu Nanu – ‘Dirt’ (video)

Nanu Nanu – ‘Dirt’ (video)


Alien-pop is still a handy shorthand for what Laura Sheeran and Marc Aubelle do under the name Nanu Nanu. As heard on their debut album Unit One, this is music with experimental electronic touches with a dystopian edge and therefore a cinematic one.

They, em, dropped their last video for ‘Drop’ a few week ago (see below) and the presence of Steve Liriks to their dystopian pop lends the track an experimental sound akin to something from music that might fit into the Anticon label.

They’ve a new video for ‘Dirt’ above though, by Steve Mogerley. The clip which has the cinematic angle with shots of Dublin that drip with seedy neon shades and pole-dancing by Arlene Caffrey, is alluring but distant, much like Nanu Nanu’s music. Also, Laura gets caught nicking a bottle of spirits from Whelan’s. Respect.

Nanu Nanu - THE DROP (feat. Steve Liriks)

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