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New Beastie Boys Album!

New Beastie Boys Album!

Beastie Boys THE Mixup

It’s called The Mix-Up and is out on July 10th. It’s an all instrumental album with Mike D suggested the style is ‘rockier’ and closer to the styles of Check Your Head and Paul’s Boutique. Considering I’ve been playing these two albums a lot of late, I’m excited 🙂 .


1) B for My Name
2) 14th St Break
3) Suco de Tangerina
4) The Gala Event
5) Electric Worm
6) Freaky Hijiki
7) Off the Grid
8) The Rat Cage
9) The Melee
10) Dramastically Different
11) The Cousin of Death
12) The Kangaroo Rat

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