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New Channel One – Soubresat

New Channel One – Soubresat

ch1 My first post about these guys was waaay back in February 2006, light years ago in blog terms. After a few single releases, the band released the Permissions EP in 2007 – one of my favourite EPs of that year and after a bit of a hiatus and extended recording period, the band are due to release their debut album Sound to Light this Friday with a FREE gig in The Button Factory with support from Le Galaxie and Barry O’ Donohue. Here’s a flyer.

The band have moved away from the rock/electronic mesh sound of the Permissions EP into something more soft focus and hypnotic – mainly synth and atmospheric guitar driven electronica with obvious touches (but not too much) of their influences (namely post-rock, krautrock and minimal techno).

The whole album flows wonderfully and while the vocals have also been pared back, the instrumentation has been amplified. Much of it reminds me of the Lost in Translation soundtrack with its twinkling, new unknown city feel, particularly the aptly-named ‘Okinawa’ and ‘Lakes’. The production is faultless too. Another album to add to the best Irish albums of the year pile.

Here’s the opening track from Sound to Light which should give you an idea of what to expect from the album and the free gig.

Channel One – Soubresat

Myspace | Buy Sound to Light.

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