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New music: Mons Montis, Roosevelt, Janelle Monáe & RAC feat. Kele & MNDR

New music: Mons Montis, Roosevelt, Janelle Monáe & RAC feat. Kele & MNDR


The best new music/artist picks of the last week. As published in today’s Day & Night Magazine. Follow Day & Night on Twitter and Facebook.

Mons Montis

The Swedes continue to show off their skills at making memorable synth-pop. The Uppsala-based three-piece’s new single ‘Swept’ is the latest reminder with big synth chords and a chorus featuring Julia Hjertström singing about “my body filled with dynamite”. Explosive.

Janelle Monáe

Not only does the Archandroid’s new album The Electric Lady feature Prince, Big Boi, Solange and Erykah Badu, Miguel, aka Lionel Richie if he was born in the ’80s, crops up to croon on the super-suave duet ‘Prime Time’.


American president Franklin D. Roosevelt maintained a stamp collection throughout his entire life. Much more exciting is German producer namesake’s new single ‘Elliot’ on ever-reliable UK label Greco Roman. Roosevelt creates a similar room-shaking rhythm to Caribou’s Odessa and matches it with some uplifting dancefloor-shimmering production.

RAC featuring Kele & MNDR

They started life as the Remix Artist Collective reworking indie tracks into more danceable fare. Now, RAC have turned their attention to original songs and enlisted the help of Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and Brooklyn singer MNDR on funky new single ‘Let Go’.