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nialler9 Podcast #7: September

nialler9 Podcast #7: September


Rory from Tenpastseven

Rory from Ten Past Seven on stage at Mantua – July 2007

Everytime we do our monthly podcast, I’m convinced each one is better than the previous but I think this may be the month where this rings true! Twelve mighty tunes – some old and rare, some new and apparently rare.

Included are two b-sides from recent 7″ releases, one a Diplo remix of that “Notorious” Jamaica tune from Turbulence (which Boomkat says is rare but I bought it in Tower Records ferchrissakes!) and the Yo Majesty remix of The Go! Team’s “Doin it Right”. Also featured is New York Latin Hustle flavour from Seguida, cheesy Disney Ska, a surprisingly good Princess Superstar song from 2001, a new Prefuse 73 single, new Beirut, Hard Working Class Heroes Irish bands and an old blog favourite revisited.

Thanks as always to the mouthpiece of the ‘cast: Aoife Mc, presenter of The Indie Hour on 103.2 Dublin City Anna Livia FM. Check out her blog.

Podcast #7 – September

  1. Turbulence – Notorious (Diplo remix feat. Sandra Melody) [7″ single from Serious Times compilation]
  2. Height – Bad Weather [Download MP3]
  3. The Bees – Listening Man [Octopus]
  4. Ten Past Seven – Comedy Night [Shut up your Face]
  5. Betamax Format – You are welcome in my House [MySpace]
  6. Princess Superstar – Too Much Weight feat. Bahamadia [Princess Superstar is..]
  7. Prefuse 73 – Class of 73 Bells [Preparations]
  8. Seguida – OM Marreo [Soul Jazz: New York Latin Hustle]
  9. Annette Funnicello – Jamaica Ska (Youtube video) [The best of Annette]
  10. Beirut – A Sunday Smile [MP3 | The Flying Club Cup ]
  11. The Go! Team – Doin’ it Right (Yo Majesty remix) [Doin it’ Right 7″]
  12. Jamie Radford– You’re so Warm [Athens]

Podcast #7 – September

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