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Nialler9 Podcast: A Voyage back to ABBA

Nialler9 Podcast: A Voyage back to ABBA

How do you review an album like Abba Voyage?

40 years on from their last album, the Swedish pop legends ABBA have released their ninth studio album Voyage.

Andrea and Niall are here to discuss the album’s arrival, and whether it is possibly to review an ABBA album in the traditional critical fashion. Are ABBA even an album band? Is ABBA Gold arguably the only album you need? Are there any good songs on Voyage?

How does Voyage the album fit in with next year’s hybrid live / recorded Voyage shows in London that run from May to December 2022? How does Voyage fit in the ABBA legacy and are these shows finally giving the fans who flock to ABBA tribute nights what they truly want? It’s an hour plus of ABBA chat.

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