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Nialler9 Podcast: Music & AI – A primer of what’s happening right now

Nialler9 Podcast: Music & AI – A primer of what’s happening right now

The generation of music content through AI has grown at a rate much faster than anyone anticipated in the last month. The technology we thought might have been a few months away, has accelerated to the point where AI has become a dominant talking point in the music space.

In the space half a year, we have gone from a problematic fake rapper Fn Meka signing to Capitol before being dropped over moral issues, David Guetta creating a fake Eminem sample and China’s AI pop hit hitting over a million streams to a fake AI-assisted Drake and The Weeknd song that had to be pulled off Spotify, a fake Oasis circa’97 album in its entirety, Grimes saying she will share her royalties with AI-generated songs that use her likeness and rap songs using deceased or contrasting voices to create new songs or versions of old classics.

It brings up questions about human creativity, copyright, moral standpoints, inherent biases in datasets and how sentient Chat GPT really appears to be.

On this episode, Niall and Andrea cover all these flashpoints of AI in recent months, discuss the cautionary tales, academic angles and artistic ones, like Holly Herndon’s work in the space for a number of years now. Plus, we create so AI-generated content of our own…

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