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Nialler9 Podcast #106: Sufjan faces spiritual and societal struggles

Nialler9 Podcast #106: Sufjan faces spiritual and societal struggles

Episode 106 of the Nialler9 Podcast finds Niall and Andrea recording on a Friday morning for the first time ever, what a novelty!

We review the ultra-long electronic hymnal album from Sufjan Stevens, discuss Autumn a lot and enthuse about Keanu Reeves classic film Speed.

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Running Order:

Reasons To Be Cheerful

SAULT’s excellent new album

Andrea puts up her Hallowen decorations – this is not a joke.

Album of the week

Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension

Sufjan’s eighth studio album of electronic orchestral hymns is 80 minutes long and has a lot to take in. We take many deep breathes and dive in.

Songs of the week

  • Soda Blonde – Love Me World
  • Fleet Foxes – Wading In High Water
  • CMAT –  I wanna Be a Cowboy Baby
  • Magdelena Bay – WOWW

Any Other Business?





The Social Dilemma


Caitlin Moran – More Than A Woman

Jane Fonda – What Can I Do?


Submarine Soundtrack

Tape Notes Podcast

Closing track:

CMAT –  I wanna Be a Cowboy Baby

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