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Nialler9 Podcast: We review 12 songs sent to us by Irish artists

Nialler9 Podcast: We review 12 songs sent to us by Irish artists

Firstly, an apology for the terrible sound on my side of the conversation this week – my audio interface went kaputt before recording so I had no choice but to use the Zoom recording of the audio. However, thanks to our Patreon members, a replacement is already on the way.

Episode 113 of the Nialler9 Podcast is a simple idea – Niall and Andrea did a demo dip of sorts. We picked out 12 songs from Irish artists who have submitted music to us recently and reviewed it. Simples.

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Running Order:

Songs played

  1. Conor Thornton – Meta No. 4
  2. Carrie Baxter – My Future
  3. Monjola – Know You
  4. Magazines – Happy Alone
  5. Nixer – True Romance
  6. Shane Devine – Late Night
  7. Blondmodel – Let Me Keep You Warm (Thankful)
  8. Pop Wallace – Me + U
  9. Starlings – Ships
  10. Jimbo Jones – Who Is Dubh Linn For?
  11. BEA – Ghost
  12. Kayleigh Noble – Ride On My Own

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