Nialler9 Readers' Poll results: Top 25 Irish songs of 2011

The top 25 Irish songs as chosen by you featured eight of my own personal choices in its midst, so we all seem to be in general agreement right? Not bloody likely. Thanks for voting. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal the top 25 Irish albums while Irish EPs and new artists is here.

25. Retarded Cop – ‘Tea N Fags’

24. Cashier No.9 – ‘Goldstar’

23. Eomac – ‘You Don’t Know What This Means To Me’

22. Funeral Suits – ‘Colour Fade’

21. Le Galaxie – ‘Midnight, Midnight’

20. Owensie – ‘Cat & Mouse’

19. We Are Losers – ‘We Vampires’

18. Ginnels – ‘Kirby Lonsdale’

17. Sea Pinks – ‘Fountain Tesserae’

16. Tieranniesaur – ‘Sketch!’

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