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Nialler9 Twitter Digest @ SXSW – Day 1

Nialler9 Twitter Digest @ SXSW – Day 1

  • At my first swsw panel about music recommendations where @fascinated is speaking #
  • – Here’s where i’m at in austin right now #
  • Deadly little promo item in the sxsw bag. Microsd card with a compilation that you can put in your fone, mp3player or laptop #
  • First irish person i meet? The mighty stef. #
  • The irish party stef is playing at in fados is $20 in. Looks to be exclusively populated by green leprechauns. #
  • met jim carroll for a few minutes to compare notes. he thought my schedule ( was crazy. is that good or bad? #
  • rumour that kanye is playing fader fort on saturday at #sxsw #
  • just heard dead prez are playing SXSW!! #
  • Omg! Just walked past the dirty epics playing in bd reillys for a paddy’s day crowd. #
  • People watching: esser on 6th street #
  • My room key has an ad for the white lies on it. #
  • Oh Cool. Just found an atp gig with the octopus project #
  • Sleepy sun were just that. Somnambulist blues rock. ATP film up next #
  • Mercury rev – holes what a song #
  • Fyi bp fallon talks shit in the ATP NY documentary #
  • Theremin in the house! #
  • International speed dating time. #
  • i’m about to order 500 nialler9 badges.. #
  • At max tundra in red 7s then onto the convention center for the golden filter #
  • Vivian girls were great if a little out of tune, harlem shakes good, casio kids were great too at hypem party. Off to get fader fort band #
  • Omg there’s a guy called stephen siegel in front of me in the line. Also, abe vigoda are cool #