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Nialler9 Weekly Chart

Nialler9 Weekly Chart


delorean Remember those times when you picked up a music magazine or a weekly music paper and read a playlist of what that publication’s writers were playing in the office that week? There was power in those playlist charts. Here is my nod to that staple. No great fanfare, just ten of the best song around right now I’ve been playing lots of.

And you thought ‘Uffe’s Workshop‘ was the work of an madcap composer! Wait until you get a load of Battles’ Tyondai Braxtons’ ‘Platinum Rows’. Ten minutes of bonkers off-kilter post-rock neo-classical kazoo-assisted kaleidoscopic sounds. It sounds like a deranged alternative soundtrack to Fantasia. I’ve also got a Crookers remix of Fever Ray, a Four Tet remix of Anti-pop Consortium, a Tobacco remix of Health and some more 80s Italo-Disco silliness pour votre plaisir.

  1. Tyondai BraxtonPlatinum RowsCentral Market
  2. Fever RaySeven (Crookers remix)Fever Ray
  3. Anti-Pop ConsortiumVolcano (Four Tet remix)
  4. HealthDie Slow (Tobacco Remix)Get Color
  5. LaserdancePower Run (remix)
  6. Jack PenateTonight’s TodayEverything is New
  7. Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer
  8. The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
  9. Mos DefQuiet Dog Bite HardThe Ecstatic
  10. DeloreanSeasunAyrton Senna EP