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Nialler9’s Best Music Videos of 2010

Nialler9’s Best Music Videos of 2010


Best Music Videos of 2010: 1-10 | 11-20 | 20-30

11. Chilly Gonzales – I Am Europe (Director: Adam Traynor)

‘I Am Europe’, the music video is a montage of clips from Chilly’s ambitious movie of the same name (also the title of his album) and casts Chilly as a failed chessmaster about to meet his nemesis played by Tiga. Daft.

12. Lady Gaga – Telephone (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)

For making the music video an event again, ‘Telephone’ deserves to be here.

13. Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom (Director: Edouard Salier)

A gigantic demon rabbit stalks a black chrome city. Slow-motion chaos ensues. The ‘Atlas Air’ video serves as a prelude.

14. Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Director: Eoghan Kidney)

Nancy Wang in New York. Cool as fuck clip by one Irishman for another. There’s a short Q&A with director Eoghan Kidney here.

15. Cathy Davey – Little Red (Director: Lorcan Finnegan)

A puppet and cut-out paper retelling of Little Red Riding Hood through music video form.

16. Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja (Directors: by NINJA and Rob Malpage)

South Africa’s rap-rave comedy crossover really hit home with ‘Enter The Ninja’ where they made a catchy-as-fuck tune and made a freaky star out of Yo-landa Vi$$er. Then, they signed to a major, played Coachella, US TV shows and played with Aphex Twin. All together now… “Ayayeya, I am your butterfly , I need your protection, need your protection”.

17. Baths – Lovely Bloodflow (Directors: Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin)


18. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Director: )

After the typography-only version received over a million views in four days, the video proper debuted and now has over 30 million views. One of the songs of the year too. Obviously.

19. Glasser – Mirrorage (Director: Carlos Charlie Perez )

20. Fight Like Apes – Knucklehead (Director: 0ldScratch)

A fan-made video featuring Lego couldn’t have been more appropriate.

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