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Nouveau Noise

Nouveau Noise


Nouveau Noise

There is some absolute gems of musical talent coming out of Ireland lately, specifically in left-of-centre alternative music (see Herv, Terrordactyl, Alphabet Set, !Kaboogie for examples) and here’s another act to add to that list. Nouveau Noise are Conor Gaffney and Nile Conway, a duo making organic electronica that wouldn’t be out of place on a Four Tet album. The sound of complex sampled percussion colliding with real instruments and synths make this an easy comparison but it’s the ease that the duo fit into this mould that impresses so much. The instrumentation being rich and explorative also lends credence to this claim.

Currently, they are jamming out these kind of tunes in their Dublin City apartment on a regular basis and as far as I’m aware, are playing their first gig next Friday 13th April @ of Super Extra Bonus Party’s album launch (More on these later – put simply the album is a stonker), so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work these songs live. No doubt it will involve keyboards, laptops, guitars and a sampler and a duo engrossed in the synergy of melody, percussion and electronics.


Nouveau Noise – Callaí


Nouveau Noise – Cinnte

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