, O Emperor’s ‘Girl’ is a psychedelic slice of oozed R&B

Waterford alternative rock group O Emperor have been undergoing a bit of a renaissance as of late.

After an extended hiatus, 4 years since their last LP Vitreous, the group have returned with three fantastic releases showcasing a new ultra-sharp sound.

‘Girl’ is the group’s latest effort and their best to date. A woozy garage rock song, complete with ’60s-psychedelia-style organ sounds and some clever pitch manipulated voice monologues.

The single comes from the group’s forthcoming album, due out in the last quarter of the year. Details are still be announced, but if these singles are anything to go by it could be very special indeed.

Check out our article on ‘New Fish Tank’, the single which preceded ‘Girl’. Here’s the first one back – ‘Make It Rain’: