, Other Voices directly supporting Irish artists by issuing live EPs for Dowry, Little Green Cars, Ye Vagabonds & David Keenan

Something which we wanted to draw your attention to today.

Other Voices came under a bit of fire last year, over a small delegate of pundits & artists unhappy with a select few fee situations. While that particular episode is long since resolved, water under the proverbial bridge – it’s always stuck with me as an unfair characterisation of an Irish music organisation that has always strived to do right by its artists.

Here’s the perfect example. The crew behind the various Other Voices events have issued four EPs of live material from last year’s concerts. Dowry, David Keenan, Ye Vagabonds and Little Green Cars have all received their own releases.

It may be a small gesture, but it’s a collection of high-quality live recordings for each of the artists involved. Anybody with any awareness of live performance knows this wouldn’t be easy, or cheap, to put together otherwise.

It’s also good news for us fans, who have more material to absorb from Irish acts – including what turned out to be the last ever Little Green Cars concert.

More of this please.