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Otherside Festival announced for Slane with DJ Seinfeld, Tourist, The Scratch, Mango & Mathman & more

Otherside Festival announced for Slane with DJ Seinfeld, Tourist, The Scratch, Mango & Mathman & more


Otherside Music & Arts Festival is a new 3-day camping festival from the Bedlam crew taking place on the grounds of Rock Farm, Slane, Co. Meath, where last year’s Summer Of Love festival took place.

Otherside takes place from July 8th to 10th this summer and will feature performances from:

  • Lane 8 
  • DJ Seinfeld Presents: Mirrors LIVE
  • TSHA
  • Tourist (Live)
  • Le Boom
  • The Scratch 
  • Mango & Mathman 
  • Lucy McWilliams
  • Khakikid
  • BrickNasty
  • Oden & Fatzo (Live)
  • and more to be announced.

Tickets start from €119 plus fees from Ticketmaster and first dibs is available through the mailing list at:

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The festival says:

“For two whole summers, we have waited. Just like you. 

Now finally on the Otherside, we are fully embracing a new energy of freedom and we invite you to join us. Gather your tribe, leave the ordinary world behind and take your place under the stars.

Nestled in an expansive valley, rich with the soul and history of ancient Ireland, the Otherside Music and Arts festival will be the boutique camping experience of the summer. 

Select performers, representing the essence of today’s rich music scene, will gather to provide the soundscape to a three day release filled with dance, art, wellness, food and connection. 

As a festival, Otherside stands for choice and freedom. Lose yourself in the immediacy of live performance, explore the wild meadows of our gorgeous site on Rock Farm, or connect with nature and like-minded souls at a secret sanctuary on the banks of the River Boyne.

Otherside will foster an intimate, community vibe and tickets for the experience will be limited to an exclusive 3,000 in order to secure this objective.

More than a music festival, Otherside will be a revitalising experience where we can breathe, connect and replenish. 

Enter the Otherside from July 8th to 10th.

Let’s Dance Again! “

More on the festival’s offerings:

Music & Comedy 

Float your way through a host of unique, embedded stages, to receive a carefully curated presentation of live music, electronic music and uplifting comedic performances. 

Embracing the creative spirit that marks a new dawn in Ireland, our unique stage hosts include The Cobblestone bar, District Magazine, The Midnight Disco and Melodic.

Wellness & Relaxation 

Our wellness facilitators, RISE Nordic Spa, will bring their grounded, restorative vision of wellness to the festival, hosting a morning reset swim in a natural lake, and offering wood-fired hot-tub and sauna sessions. Their poolside cocktail bar will feature a menu of refreshing cocktails, making this the perfect place to reset your energy.

Late-Night Antics 

The music won’t stop with our headliners, and neither will the moments inspired by it. We are creating a depth in our line-up, and our use of space, ensuring that there is no dip in the mood when it moves towards the small hours. With two carefully curated late night areas, there will be a buzz for everyone, from trad to techno.

The Location 

Our ethereal site sits in the shadow of the famous Slane castle, a mere 40 minute drive from Dublin. Spreading beneath a canopy of native forests and through the iconic meadows of the Boyne Valley, Rock Farm is a lush playground for our intimate gathering.

Camping & Accommodation 

Our sleeping experiences aim to restore you for one more day of energy. With a choice between our sustainable campsite or a glamping upgrade, Otherside will offer festival accommodation that goes beyond the ordinary. A settlement of bookable yurts and pre-pitched tents will be waiting on arrival, allowing you the option to conserve your energy for what really matters.

Incredible Food & Drink

Food and drink will be an ingrained element of Otherside. We will be placing a focus on the best local food traders, working with them to offer an authentic taste of the Boyne Valley and of Ireland’s blossoming food culture. 

We don’t believe convenience at a festival should mean sacrificing quality, so our quick-bite selection will be rich and nourishing. For those looking to carve out a moment with their festival companions, or with friends just made, a sit-down, a-la-carte experience will also be available.

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