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Panda Bear’s 2007 Tour DVD

Panda Bear’s 2007 Tour DVD

You may remember hearing recently about the plan to release a Panda Bear DVD to anyone who wanted it. The response was so overwhelming that the film-maker couldn’t post it to such a high volume of people so the internerd is here to save his soul. He’s recently uploaded the two hour film onto Stage6 which is below but if you prefer your Torrents or Soulseek versions hit here.

The film collates:

  • A full performance of Panda Bear’s sets taken from Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York shows
  • One song by each opening band.
  • Sound checks, a Panda Bear interview, and other random footage.

I really dig Panda Bear’s trippy visuals. You can also catch a live version of “#1” from Strawberry Jam in the film!

Speaking of Animal Collective-related videos, what happens when “We Tigers” is used for a US school stage production? Find out after the jump.

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