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Penguin Prison – ‘Golden Train’

Penguin Prison – ‘Golden Train’

Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison
“Doth hang your head for you have released too many remixes…”

Penguin Prison’s ‘Something I’m Not’ is one of my absolute jams I want to play every time I DJ somewhere but honestly, I’ve been hesitating with his latest material ‘Golden Train’. The abundance of remixes were getting in the way of me actually hearing the original tune which is a great pop song on its own. It’s got Ratatat-esque funk going on, Crispin Glover’s big pop vocals, falsetto and is a winner. ‘Golden Train’ is released as a single on November 22nd on Wall Of Sound. A debut album is out in Spring 2011.

Penguin PrisonGolden Train (Radio Edit)

Penguin PrisonSomething I’m Not

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