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Pet Sounds in the key of J Dilla

Pet Sounds in the key of J Dilla

Pet Sounds

London producer Bullion has taken his sample inspiration from two very different sources for this free remix album Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee. Using samples from the great Pet Sounds and J Dilla’s repetoire, Bullion has created something wholly unique and refreshing. It’s not a mashup album as he at pains to point out, but it does mix samples from these two artists to great effect. The ultimate kudos must go to Bullion however, who spliced and diced these samples with his own superb production.

You can download the album for free on his MySpace. Savour it and remember if you ever want to get a hip-hop kid into the Beach Boys, this is where you will start. Sample the songs below.


Sloop J D


I Just Wasn’t Made for these Times


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