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Phil Retrospector & The Crackdown Project

Phil Retrospector & The Crackdown Project


Strange remix from Galway-based bootleg artist Phil Retrospector (“the undisputed master of melancholy on the audio-visual Bootleg/mashup scene” ) for Billie Ray Martin’s Crackdown Project where Cabaret Voltaire songs get reworked by various producers.

Phil Retrospector has loads of mashups and mixes on his site – Bootlegs Made 4 Walking. Check out his XOXOdus mashup which subtly puts Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’, Ulrich Schnauss’ ‘Nothing Happens In June’ and ‘Pixies’ ‘Silver’ into each other. It’s taken from Culture Bully’s 2009 Mashed mixtape.

MP3: Phil Retrospector – XOXOdus