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Philip Glass – ‘Rubric’ (Tyondai Braxton remix)

Philip Glass – ‘Rubric’ (Tyondai Braxton remix)


Philip Glass - 'Rubric' (Tyondai Braxton remix)

Battles’ last album Gloss Drop lacked the exuberant rainbow melodies of their previous album Mirrored because, Tyondai Braxton left to pursue his own vision. His 2009 solo album Central Market was a vertiginous trip into experimental rhythms, too much so for regular revisiting.

Here, for Rework: Philip Glass Remixed, an album celebrating the legendary composer’s 75th birthday, Braxton plucks for a edifying funk shuffle. The experimental textures are still very much in place but the whole thing has a satisfying polychromatic bounce to it that makes it stand out.

Rework: Philip Glass Remixed also features remixes from Beck, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Pantha Du Prince, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes and more (listen to the whole thing at NPR);

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