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Pixies live Olympia videos

Pixies live Olympia videos

From the Olympia last night from Handjob (Good job again dude). These videos and this review by Hilary makes me wish I had bought tickets.

When lauded rock groups reform, the expectations can never be lived up to because some new element or impetus is now present. Squeezing past the grinning sweaty faces, State, now frothing, tries to make sense of how the Pixies had just pissed on those expectations from a height.

I saw them in Landsdowne Road in 2005. It was as good as a stadium gig that size could be. These Olympia gigs would have been something else though for the 15 year old in me hearing Surfer Rosa and Doolittle for the first time. If you went, hope you enjoyed..

If you’ve any thoughts or videos, stick em in the comments.

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