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Planningtorock – ‘MIsxgyny Drxp Dead’

Planningtorock – ‘MIsxgyny Drxp Dead’


Even when she’s at her most accessible, Janine Rostrom, aka Planningtorock is never far from veering off into an experimental tangent. It’s a part of what makes her an interesting Artist. The delivery of last year’s challenging track ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’, went too far into unpleasant listening for me to really take any repeat listens of. Maybe the shrieking vocals were the message as well as the medium but it sat incongruous to my tastes. The track has absolute validity as an artistic statement and an interesting creation. It’s good to be challenged when listening to music, there’s not really enough of it.

‘MIsxgyny Drxp Dead’ is along similar lines. It will be released on March 8th on International Women’s Day. It’s a glorious affront to misogyny (“words are glass / history’s not past”) and apart from the shrieking melody line which some may find too unpalatable / almost comical, the track is sonically wondrous enough for the whole thing to make a big impression.

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