, How Music Works: A chat with the Forbidden Fruit Festival organisers (Podcast)

For this special on our main podcast feed, we are bringing you an episode of the How Music Works series in which I talk to people who work in the music industry about what they do for a living.

For the first in this occasional series, we talk to Will Rolfe, booker and promoter with POD Concerts and Jenny Headen, PR for We Are Redhead. Will and Jenny are currently gearing up for this year’s Forbidden Fruit and we talked about the realities of booking large festivals, how the lead-in time has changed, looking after yourself when the festival season no longer takes a break, finding room on the lineup for surprises, this year’s highlights and how POD staff are honouring and learning from the passing of John Reynolds, the POD promoter who passed away suddenly last October.

See all our Forbidden Fruit 2019 coverage including stage times, picks of the festival and playlists.

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