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Podcast: CMAT on 5 examples of great songwriting

Podcast: CMAT on 5 examples of great songwriting

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With five fine singles of countrified pop songs (and a bonus Christmas single), the artist CMAT has proven she has chops in the songwriting department.

In the week that the artist has dropped a new music video for ‘2 Wrecked To Care’, who better than to ask to enthuse about her favourite songs in terms of songwriting than Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson? Yes, CMAT is our guest on this week’s episode.

We talk reality TV stars of the 2000s, doting music teachers, weird one night stands, finding her Tony Bennett to her Lady Gaga and course, the wonder that is Dolly Parton.

The 5 songs that CMAT chose for their songwriting prowess are:

1. Dory Previn – Lady With The Braid
2. Charlotte Dos Santos – It’s Over, Bobby
3. Gilbert O’Sullivan – What’s In A Kiss
4. Dolly Parton / Sylvester Stallone – Drinkenstein
5. Taylor Swift – August

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