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Podcast: Spice Girls, Girl Power and 90s Ladettes with Jenn Gannon

Podcast: Spice Girls, Girl Power and 90s Ladettes with Jenn Gannon


On this week’s Nialler9 podcast, Niall and Andrea are joined by Jenn Gannon to talk about a recent piece she wrote for the publication Rogue Collective called Girl powerless: Why the 90s and 00s weren’t as empowering as they seemed (available on subscription).

Jenn’s piece was inspired by watching the recent Channel 4 two-part documentary Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain, which as well as telling the story of the Spice Girls rise and fall, also discusses ’90s Britpop culture at the time from ’90s ladettes to Girl Power to how famous women were coerced into playing along to Chris Evans’ leering and problematic presenting style on TFI Friday.

Jenn joins us to talk about growing up in the era and the early 00s, along with discussions about body-shaming in magazines, lads mags like FHM, the marketing co-opting of the term Girl Power and the retromania of our recent past.

TW: there is discussion about weight loss and eating disorders around 42 minutes in.

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