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Popical Island compilation #2 details & hear a Tieranniesaur track

Popical Island compilation #2 details & hear a Tieranniesaur track


After establishing a pocket of Ireland’s musical space all to themselves with Volume #1 a year ago, the Popical Island collective have checked back with the finest of the country’s indie-pop and alternative bands, and enlisted some new ones to bring us Volume #2, which will be released on June 25th on CD and download.

Coming in at 18-songs, the compilation serves as a snapshot of 2011 in Irish independent pop (and rock): including Land Lovers, We Are Losers, Ginnels, Pantone247, Goodly Thousands, Squarehead, Groom, Jonny Fun And The Hesitations, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Rhino Magic, Hello Moon, Michael Knight, Sea Pinks, Yeh Deadlies, Retarded Cop and others. All of the songs were recorded in away from regular studios so no trickery is afoot, it’s all about the DIY recordings.

Here’s Tieranniesaur’s funky strut of a contribution – ‘Here Be Monsters’:

08-Tieranniesaur – Here Be Monsters by popical_island

As with last year’s launch, Volume #2 gets an all-day and night launch party in Whelan’s on Saturday 25th of June. Not only will you able to get the hand-packaged CD but the badges you can see in the video will be available for purchase along with a download code too. Keep an eye out here in June for an exclusive stream.


  1. Ginnels – The Locals
  2. Pantone 247 – Hello
  3. Goodly Thousands – Kiss Me Upside Down
  4. Land Lovers – Band Apart
  5. Squarehead – Candle
  6. Groom – Anne’s Birthday
  7. The Walpurgis Family – Something Wild
  8. Tieranniesaur – Here Be Monsters
  9. Rhino Magic – Shaken
  10. We are Losers – She Dreams In Spectrals
  11. Yeh Deadlies – Hung Like A Noose (70s beard version)
  12. Grand Pocket Orchestra – Mr. Imaginative
  13. Jonny Fun & The…Hesitations – I Never Liked Him Anyway
  14. Hello Moon – Barefoot
  15. Hired Hands – Take Me By The Hand
  16. Michael Knight – Hang On, I Need to Count the Stops
  17. Sea Pinks-Ode to Joe
  18. Retarded Cop – Popicalia

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