Digg Deep, Premiere: Digg Deep and Heathers’ Louise Macnamara get down in ‘Before We Were Born’

Digg Deep is the brainchild of Julia Mahon. Having cut her teeth playing in various D.I.Y. punk bands and contributing to Owensie’s studio material, Mahon set her mind to creating her own music. With the end goal of producing something you can dance and cry to, Mahon has borrowed elements of electro, funk and soul. The result is the infectious pop music of Digg Deep.

‘Before We Were Born’ is the debut single from that project. With a summery groove built upon glistening keys chords and a superb vocal hook delivered from Heathers‘ Louise Macnammara, the track sounds like the first signs of an artist well worth keeping an eye out for.

The neon-soaked video features some stellar moves from dancer Jay Asolo and is directed by Sarah Corcoran of Pillow Queens. With the weather being as good as it is, now seems like the perfect time to soak in the sunny energy radiating from this track.

Digg Deep play Sin E on the 14th of July, event details are available here.