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Premiere: Kobina gives Bouts a dark makeover in new remix

Premiere: Kobina gives Bouts a dark makeover in new remix

Ruth Cronin

Kobina is the alias of Dublin producer Sean Arthur that we’ve been fans of for a long time.

His music weaves between electronic subgenres with the constant being his intricate, beat-driven arrangements and sweeping synth textures, and today he marks his first release of 2019 with a brand new remix of Bouts‘ last single ‘Love’s Lost Landings Pt. 2’.

When we featured the original version of the song back in October 2018 we said that it “harkens back to the great indie wave of the late 00′ while retaining its own unique character” and Kobina’s remix very much continues this trend of individuality by completely inverting the track.

The most immediate differentiating factor here is the electronically infused instrumentation with new synths lines and busy high-hat rhythms, but there’s also a dark and brooding undercurrent there that the original didn’t have. The remix is the result of a total sonic and thematic metamorphosis with vocoder drenched vocals in particular rendering new meaning, which Kobina explained:

“With any remix, I try to find the core of what makes the original stand out to me and then flip it. For me the original was filled with a real sense of resignation, but is buoyed up by this sense of catharsis. I wanted to zoom in on that resignation and amplify how claustrophobic and alone you can feel in in a non-reciprocal situation. I wanted it to be dark, and stuttering like you couldn’t get the words out.

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