, Listen to Dimman – a new project from Richie Jape and Matty Bolger

Here’s a first listen to a new project from Richie Egan and Matthew Bolger, partners in The Redneck Manifesto as well as bandmates in Richie’s band Jape. Both guys are now settled in Malmö, Sweden and while there, they’ve collaborated on a set of songs under the name Dimman (‘the fog’ in Swedish), which is akin to an expansive electronic version of Redneck Manifesto-style tunes.

They say:

Dimman is an effortless expression of their friendship.

The music is a result of their two individual timings creating a third.

Dimman’s rhythms are hypnotic, meditative and steady.

Their melodies are conversational and calm.

The songs offer space for thoughts and reflections to float and be observed.