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Premiere: Monaghan MC Active breaks from male stereotypes on new single ‘Cry For Me’

Premiere: Monaghan MC Active breaks from male stereotypes on new single ‘Cry For Me’

Luke Sharkey

Irish-Polish hip-hop artist Active has been on our radar for a cool minute. We’ve been tracking him since the release of ‘I Never Die‘ in February.

While that track remains a fantastic example of aggressive, 808 intensive hip-hop, Active’s new single ‘Cry For Me’ is much more downtempo, pensive affair.

‘Cry For Me’ is a conscious track. One that explores issues of male attitudes toward mental health, art as catharsis and family troubles.

The artist had the following to say on ‘Cry For Me’ – “the song is titled “Cry For Me” and I talk about a lot of my personal insecurities and whatnot. I wrote this song because unfortunately, over the past while here in Monaghan, there have been a few lads that took their own lives, all very close to my age. People were posting mental health stuff all over Instagram and Facebook for like 2 weeks and then forgot it ever happened and it really upset me. That’s why I made this song, to break the stereotype that men need to be hard and can’t have emotions.”

It’s a refreshing take from an artist occupying a genre in which toxic masculinity is still so prevalent. Through his honesty, Active joins the likes of Bobby Basil, God Knows & Nealo. All Irish hip-hop artists using their platform to break away from established moulds.

Set over a pop-track instrumental, both ‘Cry For Me’ and the video which accompanies it are real autobiography. A look into the complicated psyche of one of the nation’s young artist.

‘Cry For Me’ is released on all streaming services on July 26th.

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