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Rico Nasty returns with radio-friendly trap in ‘Time Flies’

Rico Nasty returns with radio-friendly trap in ‘Time Flies’

Fresh off the back of releasing Anger Management (one of our favourite albums of the year so far), Rico Nasty is back with a fresh new single.

‘Time Flies’ sees another change in direction for the ever-evolving XXL Freshman Class 2019 artist. Moving away from the unfettered abrasion of Anger Management, ‘Time Flies’ is a considerably more sugary trap offering with Rico Nasty showing off melodic vocals over rave influenced synths.

It’s a poppy slice with definite crossover appeal but there’s something disappointing about the Maryland rapper moving away from the unique identity realised on Anger Management in favour of radio-friendly trap. If Anger Management was a moment of real growth, ‘Time Flies’ feels like a step backwards to the promising but far from groundbreaking work of her early career.

Rico Nasty feels like an artist who should and could break the pop-trap mould but only time will tell what direction she’ll take.

Check out the song below.

Rico Nasty - Time Flies [Official Audio]