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Premiere: Proper Micro NV returns with hypnotic visuals for ‘Dot Dot Dot’

Premiere: Proper Micro NV returns with hypnotic visuals for ‘Dot Dot Dot’

Ruth Cronin

Proper Micro NV is the moniker of Limerick artist Rory Hall. Since he released his debut EP in 2016, the singer has merited acclaim within the Irish music scene with his distinct brand of ambient electronic music.

‘Dot Dot Dot’ is the first release from the 23-year old after a year long writing hiatus, the fruits of which will take physical form in a collective later this year through his new label Strange Brew.

Proper Micro NV - Dot Dot Dot (Official Video)

‘Dot Dot Dot’ sounds like a natural progression from Proper Micro NV’s earlier material; the song is refined and mature with subtle soundscapes and airy arps yet it retains the essence of his earlier music in the warped vocoder and drum loops. The music video mirrors this, with slow moving, trance-like visuals of city landscapes and graffitied walls.

Hall says that ‘Dot Dot Dot’ is “a little bit more techy and dance driven [than previous releases]. ‘Dot Dot Dot’ is written about making a decision. A constant back and forth within a human mind and ultimately deciding what to do. The agony of waiting for the answer. It’s actually partly inspired by me deciding what type of collective I wanted to put out next”.

Proper Micro NV tour dates:

7th July – ArtBeat Festival, Waterford
12th July – The Workmans Club, Dublin
2nd August – Roisin Dubh, Galway
5th August – Castlepalooza, Offaly

‘Dot Dot Dot’ sees official release on June 29th.

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