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Premiere: Sive finds solace in silence in ‘Quietly’

Premiere: Sive finds solace in silence in ‘Quietly’

Ruth Cronin

Sive is the moniker of Irish songstress Sadhbh O’Sullivan, who recently came to our attention in the Raglan Road remake where she featured alongside an array of Irish artists. Today, the focus is on her as she releases her new single ‘Quietly‘.

There are surprises at every corner in ‘Quietly’; sudden tempo changes and electric instrumental additions leave the listener in constant state of anticipation. The one constant is Sive’s gorgeous voice, which glides unstirred with the fluctuations in the music.

The prevalent folk and jazz nuances are faithful to sounds in Sive’s older material that we heard in her 2017 album The Roaring Girl, yet there is a new, quiet confidence in ‘Quietly’ that seems to mark Sive’s true arrival to herself.

The Kildare native recently joined the Veta Records roster, where she is in good company with Maria Kelly and HAVVK, and we expect good things to come of the collaboration.

Sive says that the song was:

“…inspired by feeling like the world (both the real and online) is constantly shouting in your face, so it’s really about the value of finding a space among all of that to be quiet. It reflects what it’s like to just stop and listen to what’s going on inside yourself – a combination of calming and terrifying!”

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