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Premiere: Slow Riot – ‘City Of Culture’

Premiere: Slow Riot – ‘City Of Culture’


As an introduction for a Limerick band, the song ‘City Of Culture’ is an apt title. The city’s mantle got off to a shaky start but largely was perceived as a success by the end of 2014.

It’s hard to tell what side of the fence, Niall Clancy (vocals/bass), Aaron Duff (guitars) and Paul Cosgrave (drums), the three lads who make up the Limerick band Slow Riot stand, as the vocals are buried in the mix but “a sardonic paean to the cultural status” and the song’s raucous post-punk energy suggests it’s on the more negative side. It is good to hear a band react and reference the real things around them.

“Looking for a reaction,” Clancy sings as you can feel the band’s post-punk influences of Gang Of Four and Wire along with contemporary peers like Girl Band and Future Of The Left. The combination of currency and influence has a vitality on the track.

The single is out on July 10th via Straight Lines Are Fine. ‘City Of Culture’ appears on the band’s forthcoming Cathedral EP which was recorded in Manics’ Faster studio in Cardiff by producer Kevin Vanbergen.

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