Limerick’s post-punk four-piece Slow Riot’s new double A-side ‘Voyeur/Burn in the City’ is out tomorrow February 2nd via Straight Lines Are Fine.

‘Burn in the City’ is a catchy hypnotic journey with a sentimental tone and droning melody.

The artwork in the video is by Darragh Dempsey, inspired by Francis Bacon’s ‘Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X’. “The anguish and surrealism of the image echoing the themes of the band’s new music,” said the artist.

Slow Riot live Dates:

March 22nd at Whelan’s, Dublin
March 23rd Single Launch Show at Limerick Kasbah
April 1st at Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Posted on February 1st, 2018



Limerick alt-rock trio Slow Riot drop a new single on Monday and here is the first play of the track.

Drawing on post-punk and alt-rock, Slow Riot’s ‘Pink December’ is a tumult of noise with a Peter Hook-style bassline, dense layers of guitar and drums which add sway to the darkness.

Says vocalist Niall Clancy:

“Sonically it’s our most satisfying Slow Riot track. At the core of a lot of our songs are some pretty intense themes and rather than just hint at those through the lyrics we wanted to drag them to the surface through the whole atmosphere of the song”.

Production was by Kevin Vanbergen (The Pixies, The Maccabees, Dinosaur Pile-Up, The La’s and Biffy Clyro). Slow Riot, Niall Clancy (bass, vocals), Aaron Duff (guitars) and Paul Cosgrave (drums) are currently writing their debut album.

‘Absent Dreams’ was their most recent song before this.

Posted on February 10th, 2017


Limerick alt-rock band Slow Riot have just signed a deal with UK label Killing Moon, bringing their angular atmosphere to potentially bigger audiences.

‘Absent Dreams’, the band’s new single has that modern post-punk edge found in Interpol’s music and the stylish video by director Lukasz Pytlik and shot in Warsaw features the supernatural kind of car journey you hope you never have. It has heavy ’80s inspirations like Tron and Spielberg but also H. P. Lovecraft’s horror fiction.

“The idea for the Absent Dreams video came to me almost subliminally, without thinking directly about it” director Lukasz Pytlik tells us, “all of a sudden I started to visualise hallucinatory images of an Octopus, a man’s descent into madness, and dark city streets which just tied together with the title of the track so well. The treatment then started to write itself…it all felt very ‘Lovecraft-ian’ in both its evolution and imagery. Shooting the idea was a challenge in itself as it’s predominantly set within the confines of a car. We had to use 10mm lenses – the same ones as used in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – just to be able to capture the action. And working with the smell of a dead octopus certainly took some getting used to.”

Slow Riot have some gigs coming up.

Slow Riot Tour dates

October 29th – Support to Windings @ Whelans, Dublin
November 10th – Sebright Arms, London
November 12th – Kasbah, Limerick
November 19th – The Warzone Centre, Belfast 

Posted on October 28th, 2016


Limerick post-punk band Slow Riot have a new single coming to follow up their impressive debut EP last year Cathedral.

‘Trophy Wife’ is a razor-sharp rock song that hits us with lyrics address about getting hit in the face from the off, before accusing the subject of twisted morals. Just your classic case of infidelity (“it’s about being in a relationship with someone for all the wrong reasons,” say the band). The real highlight is the searchlight-style guitar line throughout under the classic indie/rock vocals by Niall Clancy.

The single is out via Straight Lines Are Fine on April 15th. It’s on 7″.

Slow Riot support Girls Names on February 27th at Limerick Dolans.

Posted on February 25th, 2016


Cheer up Slow Riot

The Limerick post-punk band Slow Riot burst into our consciousness with a song called ‘City Of Culture’ that lambasted their hometown’s cultural status before following that up with a song called ‘Demons’ that channels early Interpol in the best posssible way.

The trio are releasing their debut EP Cathedral (recorded at the Manic Street Preachers’s studio Faster with producer Kevin Vanbergen) featuring those tracks and two more: the wide-open shoegaze expanse of ‘Adele’ and the slow build of ‘Cooper’s Dream’:

The EP is out on 10″ vinyl and can be got from Rough Trade.

Photo by Steve Gullick.

Posted on October 21st, 2015


As an introduction for a Limerick band, the song ‘City Of Culture’ is an apt title. The city’s mantle got off to a shaky start but largely was perceived as a success by the end of 2014.

It’s hard to tell what side of the fence, Niall Clancy (vocals/bass), Aaron Duff (guitars) and Paul Cosgrave (drums), the three lads who make up the Limerick band Slow Riot stand, as the vocals are buried in the mix but “a sardonic paean to the cultural status” and the song’s raucous post-punk energy suggests it’s on the more negative side. It is good to hear a band react and reference the real things around them.

“Looking for a reaction,” Clancy sings as you can feel the band’s post-punk influences of Gang Of Four and Wire along with contemporary peers like Girl Band and Future Of The Left. The combination of currency and influence has a vitality on the track.

The single is out on July 10th via Straight Lines Are Fine. ‘City Of Culture’ appears on the band’s forthcoming Cathedral EP which was recorded in Manics’ Faster studio in Cardiff by producer Kevin Vanbergen.

Posted on June 9th, 2015